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Fixing Flowall to the wall - Multi Panel

To install several Flowall panels, always mount the lower panel first, and then stack the next panel by setting the panel notches on the hooks below. Use the procedure outlined for a mounting a single Flowall panel.  Installing a Single Flowall Panel   The proceedure below shows how to build a Flowall Garden 1 panel wide by 3 Panels high. Following this proceedure you can go as high as you like.  By installing a horisonta...

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Fixing Flowall to the Wall - Single Panel

As the correct location is crucial and will have a great bearing on the success of the plants in your Flowall, choose the location with care. The correct temperature, humidity, and, above all, adequate light are essential for good healthy plants. Generally, choose a bright place, without direct sunlight for your houseplants. Natural illumination is better than artificial light.  Choosing plants that are adapted to your local conditions are t...

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