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7 Reasons to Grow Hydroponically

Hydroponics, is the process of growing plants without soil and can be used for growing any plant.  In hydroponics the root systems of the plants are provided with water and all the nutrients that are required for optimal growth.  In most hydroponic systems, the growing medium provides no nutrition but only provides the root systems with a means of support.  It is however, even possible to grow plants in nothing but the nutrient sol...

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Propagation Guide

YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: Source Plant Fluoro lighting kit (i.e. 2x18W Gro-Lux tubes) Propagating Box (clear, vented hood; mesh seedling tray; drip tray) Rockwool propagation cubes/plugs (e.g. GRODAN)                                      ...

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Smart Valve Secrets

The AutoPot System is a fully automatic plant growing system requiring no power/electricity.  The system is totally "plant driven" -that is the plants are watered only when they require feeding.  Because of this the system is incredably water efficient.  How is this achieved?  At the heart of every AutoPot module is the SmartValve.  A patented invention so ingenious in its simplicity and so effective in its operation tha...

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