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Fixing Flowall to the Wall - Single Panel

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Fixing Flowall to the Wall - Single Panel

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Installing a Single Flowall Panel

As the correct location is crucial and will have a great bearing on the success of the plants in your Flowall, choose the location with care. The correct temperature, humidity, and, above all, adequate light are essential for good healthy plants. Generally, choose a bright place, without direct sunlight for your houseplants. Natural illumination is better than artificial light.  Choosing plants that are adapted to your local conditions are the key to a successful vertical garden.

To install your Flowall panels, you will need a Drill and a 6mm ø drill bit, a screwdriver (or a screw gun/drill), andlevelling device (i.e. spirit level).

The Flowall Single Panel Kit contains one 420x400 Flowall panel, 16 removable planting pots, 2 wall-plugs, 2 screws, 16 wicks and an overflow pipe. Note: The screws and wall-plugs can be used for most types of wall however please use your discretion and if in doubt consult your local hardware for more suitable wall plugs (i.e. for hollow walls etc). Although the pictures below show the installation of planted Flowall panels, you may find it simpler to install the unplanted panel and add the plants later. Alternatively, you may use unplanted panels to mark, drill and install the wall plugs then take down the panel add plants and then install the planted panel.




Position the panel at the appropriate height on the wall.  Take your time and make sure it is straight and level!  The spitirt level is more accurate then the human eye. 








Once you are happy with the position and height, mark the drill holes with a pencil or marker.  










 Remove the Flowall panel and carefully drill the holes where indicated by the marks.  Be sure to make the holes striaght and make sure the are just deep enough to take the full lenght of the wall plugs.  










 Push the wall plugs into the holes.










 Mount the Flowall panel with the two provided screws.










Screw straight into the wall plugs. Tighten the screws gently. Do not use too much force!  











Done! Ready for watering.





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