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Aqua One Air Pumps

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Aqua One Air Pumps

 The Aqua One Air Pumps are a High Performance Air Pump that provide a continuous supply of oxygen, producing water currents for increased water circulation and better filtration.  The Aqua One Air pumps have a quiet operation, speed control and range from a single outlet to a four outlet, running one to four air stones.  Super-Efficient, low power usage, ranging from 3 – 9.4 Watts. The Aqua One comes with a 2 + 1 year guarantee (extra 1 year upon registration of purchase with distributor).  Please note, manufacturer warranty DOES NOT cover DIAPHRAGM. Air stone not included. Download PDF file for product specifications.

Aqua One 2500 Air Pump
Aqua One 7500 Air Pump
Aqua One 9500 Air Pump
Aqua One 12000 Air Pump

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