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Budlink is a soluble silica based nutrient supplement designed to increase the weight and bulk of your plant by helping the nutrient uptake. Budlink gives your plants the soluble silica which is normally present in normal soil culture which, up until now, has been missing from hydroponic solutions. Budlink is the missing link!
Budlink is not a hormone but a plant builder which improves plant strength and ability to fight against bacteria and insects. When available in a constant supply, the active ingredients are imbedded into the plants cell walls and improve cell integrity. Budlink assists in the even uptake of nutrients and helps prevent toxic build-up of nutrients in tissue. It also reduces water loss through transpiration. Budlink tends to produce plants with thicker and greener foliage.
When used as a foliar spray Budlink is easily absorbed by the leaves and forms a barrier against airborne bacteria and harsh light levels.

Budlink 1L
Budlink 2L
Budlink 5L