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Can-Fan Centrifugal Fans

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Can-Fan Centrifugal Fans

Manufactured by world renowned Ruck Ventilatorem of Germany, Can-Fans have always been amongst the best centrifugal fans available.  Now the new RK range employs the same electrical components in a new ABS housing.  This makes the fans lighter and quieter, while still delivering superior air flow and pressures required for demanding applications.  Available in standard (RK), High Output (L)  and the optional 4-speed controller version (S) versions. 

Sizes and Specifications.

  • RK125: 125mm Duct, 60W (0.3Amps), 270 Cubic M/Hr
  • RK125LS: 125mm Duct, 70W (0.3Amps), 370 Cubic M/Hr, 4 speed switchable
  • RK150: 150mm Duct, 70W (0.3Amps), 470 Cubic M/Hr
  • RK150S: 150mm Duct, 70W (0.3Amps), 460 Cubic M/Hr, 4 speed switchable
  • RK200: 200mm Duct, 100W (0.5Amps), 810 Cubic M/Hr 
  • RK200S: 200mm Duct, 100W 820 Cubic M/Hr, 4 speed switchable
  • RK250L: 250mm Duct, 182W (0.9Amps), 1170 Cubic M/Hr
  • RK250S: 250mm Duct, 182W (0.9Amps), 830 M/Hr, 4 speed switchable



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Can-Fan RK125
Can-Fan RK125LS 4-speed
Can-Fan RK150
Can-Fan RK150S 4-speed
Can-Fan RK200
Can-Fan RK200S 4-speed
Can-Fan RK250
Can-Fan RK250S 4-speed

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