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Canna Classic Vega A & B Set

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Canna Classic Vega A & B Set

With CANNA Classic nutrition for fast growing plants, CANNA became a pioneer in the cultivation on substrates. With substrate cultivation, the soil is replaced by an inert growth medium. Inert growth mediums, such as rockwool, do not contain any nutrients. Classic is the best nutrition for growing on inert substrates. CANNA Classic is used especially on ‘run-to-waste’ systems; these are systems where the drain water is drained off or so called open-hydroponics systems. Canna Classic Vega is to be used during the growth stage.

Canna Classic Vega 2L Set (1L A & 1L B)
Canna Classic Vega 10L Set (5L A & 5L B)
Canna Classic Vega 20L Set (10L A & 10L B)
Canna Classic Vega 40L Set (20L A & 20L B)

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