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Canna Coco A & B Set

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Canna Coco A & B Set

Canna Coco twin part nutrient has been formulated for all stages of plant growth, both vegetative & flowering, making it so much easier.  Canna Coco nutrient was one of the first nutrients to be designed for plants specifically grown in cocopeat media.  It’s a complete plant food, rich in premium elements and organic earth acids that will stimulate superior growth with enhanced flowering and fruiting.

Canna Coco 2L Set (1L A & 1L B)
Canna Coco 10L Set (5L A & 5L B)
Canna Coco 20L Set (10L A & 10L B)
Canna Coco 40L Set (20L A & 20L B)

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