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Aqua One Air Pumps

 The Aqua One Air Pumps are a High Performance Air Pump that provide a continuous supply of oxygen, producing water currents for increased water circulation and better filtration.  The Aqua ...

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Aqua One 2500 Air Pump
Aqua One 7500 Air Pump
Aqua One 9500 Air Pump
Aqua One 12000 Air Pump

Ceramic Air Stones

These high quality Ceramic Air stones are used to agitate the water surface for better oxygenation.  It creates fine bubbles and is easy to clean. They range in sizes and shapes, to suit you...

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Ceramic Air Stone Ball 50mm
Ceramic Air Stone Cylinder 25mm x 15mm
Ceramic Air Stone Cylinder 75mm x 15mm
Ceramic Air Stone Cylinder 80mm x 30mm

Fabric Pots

Tough, longlasting and reuseable.   Our Larger Fabric Pots (5, 7, 10 & 15 Gallons) have handles making moving and transport easier! Why use Fabric Pots? Air Pruning.  The fabric pot...

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Fabric Pot Gallon (3.8L)
Fabric Pot 2 Gallon (7.6L)
Fabric Pot 3 Gallon (11.4L)
Fabric Pot with Handles 5 Gallon (19L)
Fabric Pot with Handles 7 Gallon (26.5L)
Fabric Pot with Handles 10 Gallon (38L)

HydroPro Air Pumps

HydroPro Air Pumps are extremely quite, reliable and efficient and come in a compact design. Available in single output and dual output models, with controls to vary the output. Z-1000, Single Outp...

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HydroPro Air Pump Z-1000

HydroPro Water Pumps

Made specifically for hydroponics, the HydroPro pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide a high quality pump at a reasonable price.  The HydroPro pumps feature: c...

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HydroPro 550
HydroPro 850
HydroPro 1100

JBL Digital Timer

Designed for use with HID lighting and high power uses in mind, the JBL Digital timer is a powerful programmable timer. Features include: 30A Contactor rating 10 Amp (240V) Max load rat...

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JBL Digital Timer

Mechanical Segment Timer

This 24 hour mechanical segmant timer features 48 x 15 minute on-off cylcles. Making it ideal for turning on and off pumps, fans and small light systems (ie large compact fluorecent and T5 HO fluorece...

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Mechanical Segment Timer

Minigarden Irrigation Kit

The irrigation system is composed of a micro-tube with an outer diameter of 6.5 mm with drip-feeders incorporated, which are placed inside each module. This tube is passed through the inner hole ...

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Minigarden Irrigation Kit Vertical
Minigarden Irrigation Kit Corner

Watering Ring / Hydro Halo

With a 13 mm inlet and multiple water outlets speard evenly over the unders side, Water Rings make even watering a breezeand. 3 legs for stability ensure that the water ring stays put and water g...

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Water Rings 9" (2 per Pack)
Water Rings 12" (2 per Pack)