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Ibebot Soil Quality Bluetooth Moisture and EC Logger

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Ibebot Soil Quality Bluetooth Moisture and EC Logger

Aluminium Ducting

High quality, thick and heavy duty aluminimum ducting.  Suitable for most inline fans (axial and centrifugal), cool tubes and air cooled reflectors and air movment requirements. Boxed in 5 metre ...

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Ducting, Aluminium 100 mm x 5 m
Ducting, Aluminium 125 mm x 5 m
Ducting, Aluminium 150 mm x 5 m
Ducting, Aluminium 200 mm x 5 m
Ducting, Aluminium 250 mm x 5 m
Ducting, Aluminium 300 mm x 5 m

Can Lite Activated Carbon Air Filters

Can-Lite carbon filters are the latest addition to the Can-Filters Carbon filter range.  Can-Lite has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind. The C...

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Can Lite 300 (125mm Duct)
Can Lite 425 (150mm Duct)
Can Lite 1000 (200mm Duct)
Can Lite 1500 (200mm Duct)
Can Lite 2000 (250mm Duct)

Can-Fan Centrifugal Fans

Manufactured by world renowned Ruck Ventilatorem of Germany, Can-Fans have always been amongst the best centrifugal fans available.  Now the new RK range employs the same electrical components in...

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Can-Fan RK125
Can-Fan RK125LS 4-speed
Can-Fan RK150
Can-Fan RK150S 4-speed
Can-Fan RK200
Can-Fan RK200S 4-speed
Can-Fan RK250
Can-Fan RK250S 4-speed

Clip on Fan

The Clip on Fan is ideal for use in small grow areas or grow tents for increasing air circulation and the elimination of hot and humid dead spots.  The clip-on feature makes it easy to mount anyw...

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Clip on Fan

Ibebot EC Moisture Nutrient Logger Data Logger

Wirelessly Monitor and Record Your Grow Room Environment with Ease Using the AirComfort and app you can collect grow room data for up to 100 days, even if you're not in bluetooth range for any reason...

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AirComfort Orange
AirComfort Purple

JBL Digital Timer

Designed for use with HID lighting and high power uses in mind, the JBL Digital timer is a powerful programmable timer. Features include: 30A Contactor rating 10 Amp (240V) Max load rat...

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JBL Digital Timer

Mechanical Segment Timer

This 24 hour mechanical segmant timer features 48 x 15 minute on-off cylcles. Making it ideal for turning on and off pumps, fans and small light systems (ie large compact fluorecent and T5 HO fluorece...

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Mechanical Segment Timer