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General Boosters

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Budlink is a soluble silica based nutrient supplement designed to increase the weight and bulk of your plant by helping the nutrient uptake. Budlink gives your plants the soluble silica which is norma...

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Budlink 1L
Budlink 2L
Budlink 5L

Canna Zym

Canna Zym contains more than 12 different enzymes, and is enriched with special vitamins and extracts of desert plants. Canna Zym speeds up the breaking down of dead root material, and makes better ab...

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Canna Zym 250ml
Canna Zym 1L
Canna Zym 5L


Omegazyme is the perfect nutrient supplement and is derived from carefully prepared natural sea kelp.  Its prepared using a cold press method, which does not damage the natural organic compounds....

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Omegazyme 500ml
Omegazyme 1L
Omegazyme 2L
Omegazyme 5L


  HUMIBOOSTA is formulated using Humic and Fulvic acids to improve nutrient solubility. This ensures maximum nutrient availability when plants need it the most. Additional macro nutrient forms o...

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Humiboosta 500ml
Humiboosta 1L
Humiboosta 5L