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HID Lamps

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G.E Lucagrow HPS Lamp

The G.E Lucagrow HPS lamps offer a compliment or complete substitute to natural light. The High Xenon Gas Fill in the lucagrow lamps give up to 20% more light than standard high pressure sodium lamps ...

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G.E Lucagrow HPS Lamp 400W
G.E Lucagrow HPS Lamp 600W
G.E Lucagrow HPS Lamp 1000W

Par Grow 315W CMH Lamps

Precision-built 315W CMH/LEC lamps are made from only the highest quality materials, featuring premium European elliptical PCA lamp envelopes for enhanced lumen output and optimized spectra. With inte...

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Par Grow 315W CMH Lamp 3100K
Par Grow 315W CMH Lamp 4000K

PAR-Grow HPS Lamps

Designed to operate on both the older magnetic ballast technology and the newer Digital/Electronic Ballasts, PAR-Grow Super HPS lamps are good quality at areasonable price.   - Fine-tune your...

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PAR-Grow 150W Super HPS Lamp
PAR-Grow 250W Super HPS Lamp
PAR-Grow 400W Super HPS Lamp
PAR-Grow 600W Super HPS Lamp

Philips SON-T HPS Lamp

Philips SON-T Lamps are a high quality high-pressure sodium lamp with PIA (Philips Intergrated Antenna) technology for increased reliability and lower early failure rates, with reliable ignition throu...

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Philips SON-T Agro HPS Lamp 400W
Philips SON-T Plus HPS Lamp 600W

Solarmax HPS Lamp

Solarmax Lamps are specifically designed for horticultural applications.  Made in Germany with the highest certified manufacturing standards, you can be assured of quality and optimized performan...

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Solarmax HPS Lamp 400W
Solarmax HPS Lamp 600W
Solarmax HPS Lamp 1000W