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Propagation Equipment

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Flexible Heat Mat

Heat pads are perfect for Propagating, creating a warm root zone which allows seedlings to germinate and cuttings to strike.  - Warms root area 5 to 10C over ambient temperature- Increases the s...

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Flexible Heat Mat 25x53cm
Flexible Heat Mat 50x50cm
Flexible Heat Mat 122x53cm

Root-It Propagation Kit

The Root-it propagation kit comes complete with propagator, a 24 cell insert and tray, filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges, a sterile scalpel, ROOT-IT Propagation Gel sachet & ROOT-IT ...

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Root-It Propagation Kit

Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

This electronic temperature controller is compatiblewith all heat mats and is an optional accessory forour seedling heat mats. The thermostat controls the temperatureof heat mats evenly in colder or w...

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Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Nanashi LED Bars

Nanashi LED Grow Light Bars are super high output and High efficiency grow lights, each equivelent to 2-3 T5 Flourecents of similar length. Ideal for propagation of cuttings and seeds and growing pla...

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Nanashi 12W LED bar
Nanashi 18W LED bar
Nanashi 24W LED bar
Nanashi LED Bar 1 Lamp Stand
Nanashi LED Bar 2 Lamp Stand
Nanashi LED Bar Connector

SeaHawk Flexible Heat Mat

Sea Hawk heat mats are used to gently the rooting area and vastly improves propagation sucess rates Double insulated C-Tick certified Heat dispersion plugs included 3 Sizes ...

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SeaHawk Heat Mat Small
SeaHawk Heat Mat Medium
SeaHawk Heat Mat Large