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Propagation Systems

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The Aquamiser is a unique home propagating kit. The AQUAMISER allows you to propagate up to eight different cuttings using the fully automatic self watering tray and all you need is any type of plasti...

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Aquamiser Propagation Kit

Root-It Propagation Kit

The Root-it propagation kit comes complete with propagator, a 24 cell insert and tray, filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges, a sterile scalpel, ROOT-IT Propagation Gel sachet & ROOT-IT ...

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Root-It Propagation Kit

Turbo Klone Aeroponic Propagator

Finally available in Australia, the Australian version of TurboKlone is here! With the Turbo Klone you can now create better, stronger cuttings in record time, using the latest in propagator designs ...

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Turbo Klone T24
Turbo Klone T48
Turbo Klone T96
Turbo Klone T144

Turbo Klone Collars

Replacement Turbo Klone Collars. Made from polyethylene, the collars will last longer and are more durable than the traditional neoprene used by other manufacturers.  More importantly they will ...

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Turbo Kone Collars (24 in a Pack)

Turbo Klone Sprayers

Spray jets for the TurboKlone Aeroponic Propagator .  Designed to give a full 360 degree Spray Pattern.  Designed with a larger centre hole to minimise clogging and down-time.

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Turbo Klone Sprayers (5 in a Pack)