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Rooting Aids

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Clonex Cloning Gel

Clonex is a professional strength rooting hormone gel for the professional and the hobbie grower alike. This scientific breakthrough puts Clonex years ahead of manufacturers of liquids and powders. Cl...

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Clonex Cloning Gel 50ml

Root-It Propagation Gel

Unlike other rooting gels, ROOT!T Rooting Gel is designed to be placed directly into the central cavity of the Root-It sponge. Root-It Propagation Gel stays firm in the sponge and negates the nee...

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Root-It Propagation Gel 150mL

Rootex Rooting Hormones

With the active constituent Indole Butyric Acid, Rootex rooting hormones are used by both professional and the hobby growers Australia wide. Available in three forms suitable for any situation: &bul...

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Rootex-G Rooting Powder 18gm
Rootex-G Rooting Liquid 50ml
Rootex-G Rooting Gel 50ml