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D-Papillion 315Watt Light Kit

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D-Papillion 315Watt Light Kit

The D-Papillion 315W continues to amaze with its results. This light unit, by Lights Interaction, built using the latest Phillips LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) technotlogy is the cutting edge in growing lights.  Using Phillips 400V Digital technology ballasts and Light Emitting Ceramic Discharge Lamps, they are proving to be more reliable, more efficient and give more plant usable light per watt than PLASMA.

The complete kit is equipped with a digital ballast and high efficiency reflector made from highly reflective VEGA aluminium.  Available in a one or two lamp option.  The single lamp option includes the 315W Phillips 930 LEC lamp (a great Grow/Bloom Lamp with enhanced red spectrum) while the two lamp option has the with one Phillips 930 LEC and one 315W Phillips 942 LEC Lamp (a great grow specific lamp enhanced in the blue spectrum).

The D-Papillon Fixture consists of an Ultra durable electronic ballast which has a 50000 hours average rated life. 

 The average rated life of the 930 and 942 bulbs are 16000 hours(>80% light output).

Unique to the Papillion Lighting system is the open reflector design which means that the heat generated by the lamp is not transferred down directly to the plant, but upwards away from the lamp through the reflector using air acting as a carrier. Using the open reflector design, natural air currents are created, distributing the heat throughout the environment and preventing the formation of hotspots on the plants. The Reflector design not only allows heat to dissipate away from the plant canopy, greatly reducing garden hotspots but also greatly increases overall lamp life (less heat build up).


Unit size: 36(l)cm x 30(w)cm x 16(h)cm; Unit Weight 6.5kg


D-Papillion 315Watt Single Lamp Light Kit
D-Papillion 315Watt 2 Lamp Light Kit

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