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EzDo 6011 Waterproof pH Meter

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EzDo 6011 Waterproof pH Meter

The EzDo 6011 pH meter is a fully waterproof (IP57 Rated) pen type pH meter suitable for Hydropoincs, Aquaponic/Aquaculture, swimming pools and spas, food production and the chemical industry.  The meter features two point calibration via trimmers in the waterproof compartment which also stores the adjstment screwdriver and a replaceable pH probe with screw-on storage solution bottle.  The pH Meter has a large LCD dislay (21x8 mm ) for easy reading and is made from impact resistant ABS.  Included in the box are calibration solutions Buffer 7 and 4, and electrode storage/soaking solutions along with ainstructions and Certificate of Calibration.  The probe comes pre-soaked and ready for calibration and imediate use out of the box. Requires 2x 3vCR2032 batteries (included).


  • Range 0-14pH
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1
  • Resolution 0.1pH
  • not Auto Temperature Compensated
  • Dimensions 33.5x 179mm, 90g

EzDo 6011 Waterproof pH Meter
EzDo 6011 Replacement pH Probe

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