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Fabric Pots

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Fabric Pots

Tough, longlasting and reuseable.  

Our Larger Fabric Pots (5, 7, 10 & 15 Gallons) have handles making moving and transport easier!

Why use Fabric Pots?

  1. Air Pruning The fabric pot naturally air prunes plant roots. When the roots encounter the side of the fabric pot and try to grow through, the tip naturally stops. This the encourages the plant to expanding the root system into the medium and discourages root binding and root circulation (as occurs in plastic pots). This encourages vigorous root systems which inturn  encourages vigorous plant growth.
  2. Soil Aeration.  Breathable fabric pots offer your roots optimal acess to air in your growing medium. This allows your roots to stay healthy and to properly use the available moisture and nutrients in your media.
  3. Drainage – Proper drainage is important to great growth. Water logged media causes many problems including Root Rot . Fabric pots minimise root rot and other issues by helping to maintain an appropriate amount of water moisture.
  4. Keep Roots Cool. Fabric pots keep your media cooler than traditional pots because of the breathability of the fabric. Evaporation at the fabric air interface cools your roots. Like the old fashion Coolgardie Safe (
  5. Benificial Microbes. The extra air in the root zone encourgaes the many type of beneficial microbe including the mycorhiza.

Fabric Pot Gallon (3.8L)
Fabric Pot 2 Gallon (7.6L)
Fabric Pot 3 Gallon (11.4L)
Fabric Pot with Handles 5 Gallon (19L)
Fabric Pot with Handles 7 Gallon (26.5L)
Fabric Pot with Handles 10 Gallon (38L)