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General Hydroponics Maxi Series

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General Hydroponics Maxi Series

General Hydroponics have set a new standard with the convenience of a one-part and the economy of a dry-pack without sacrificing quality in the Maxi Series powered nutrients. Packaged in a 1Kg zip-lock resealable pouches the MaxiGro and MaxiBloom they represent good value for money with great standards in hydroponic nutrition.

MaxiGro is designed for rapid growth of plants and formulated to build strong roots stems and foliage.

MaxiBloom is formulated for the flowering and fruiting phase of plant growth. Formulated to enhance flowering and fruiting, MaxiBloom is designed to give large fragrant flowers and fruits.

Used at the recommended rate of 1-2 teaspoons per US Gallon (5-10 grams per 4 Litres) each pouch makes up between 800 and 400 Litres of Nutrient solution.  Just measure and dissolve directly into water.

Use at a mild strength for young or delicate plants and increase strength as the plants grows for more robust plants.

Also useful for soil gardening when used once or twice weekly as a soil supplement (use plain water between applications).

General Hydroponics MaxiGro 1Kg
General Hydroponics MaxiBloom 1Kg