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GT Ionic Bloom

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GT Ionic Bloom

Ionic BLOOM is a single pack hydroponic nutrient concentrate. Basically this means it is a plant's food that can be used in both hydroponic systems or as a liquid fertiliser for non hydroponic growing.

It is a complete formulae in that it contains every mineral that plants require and these are present in balanced amounts and in a form that is readily available for absorption by the plant.

Ionic Bloom has more potassium and phosphorus and is very suitable for plants when they are flowering or fruiting. Note that Ionic Bloom will not cause plants to flower or fruit, but it will feed them properly during these stages of growth.

  • Manufactured using our unique Single Pack Technology (SPT)
  • Complete, balanced and pH buffered nutrient profile
  • Unique, sludge free, crystal free formula
  • Available in ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’ formulations



GT Ionic Bloom 1 Litre
GT Ionic Bloom 5 Litre

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