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HI-PAR 315 Watt LEC Retrofit Kit

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HI-PAR 315 Watt LEC Retrofit Kit

The Hi-Par 315w LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) Retro Fit Kit is designed to allow the user the benifits of the latest Phillips LEC Grow Lamp technology.  Consisting of the Hi-Par 315w Digital Ballast, Phillips 315w 930LEC Lamp and lampholder adaptor, this kit allows the user to retro-fit this technology to any standard HID reflector. This extra durable ballast when combined with the latest Phillips LEC lamps is a super essential oil producer, perfect for growers in search for high quality produce or essential oil extraction.  This ballast runs full spectrum 315w LEC Agro lamps, which have the closest spectrum to the sun.  Therefore, higher amounts of beneficial UV and far red spectrums increase the lamps growth power to the plants. As a result, plants form more lateral branches and internodal spacing from day one for strong, healthy growth and high quality yields.

The Kit Includes:

  • Hi-Par 315w Ballast
  • HI Par E30/40 to PGZ18 Lamp Adaptor
  • Phillips 315w 930 LEC Lamp

online price $750.00
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Hi-Par 315W Retofit Kit

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