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Hy-Gen Coco Peat Bags

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Hy-Gen Coco Peat Bags

HY-GEN™ COCO PEAT is a 100% natural coir hydroponic growing medium and sourced from quality coco peat producers. It’s prepared and processed under strict guidelines to meet high standards and quality. HYDROPONIC GENERATIONS’s Chemist and Owner has reviewed internationally certified processes and formulated a unique buffering process to ensure a consistent quality, meeting the highest standards. HY-GEN™ COCOPEAT batches are regularly laboratory tested to ensure they meet the analysis listed on each bag. This is a guarantee of quality in the same way the analysis is listed on each bottle of HY-GEN™ QUALITY NUTRIENTS.

HY-GEN™ COCO PEAT is pH stabilised to maintain steady pH conditions around the root zone. Calcium/Magnesium are used to buffer the coco peat to assist in conditioning and to eliminate nuisance chemicals such as sodium.

Hy-Gen CocoPeat 50L Bag

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