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Laterlite Agri 8-20, Expanded Clay.

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Laterlite Agri 8-20, Expanded Clay.

Made in Italy, Laterlite Agri expanded clay is designed and manufactuered specifically for agriculture, hydroponics and aquaponics using only the highest grade of raw materials.

Laterlite Agri expanded clay is prewashed to remove unwanted salts and buffered to pH of 6-7, problems that are often present in cheap inferior brands of expanded clay. Laterlite Agri expanded clay does not contain any organic substances, will not decompose and is rot and parasite free.

The irreguar shape and surface provides more stable growing beds and anchoring for plants.  With a higher surface area for bacterial colinisation when used in aquaponics than traditional "ball" types of expanded clay. A superior product in every way!

 With an average density of 0.33 kg/litre (16.5Kg/50L bag), Laterlite Agri expanded clay is light weight and easy to handle.

Laterlite Agri 8-20 10 Litre Bag
Laterlite Agri 8-20 50 Litre Bag