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Method Seven Glasses

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Method Seven Glasses

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) type lamps are commonly used for horticulture and industrial applications such as warehouses, since they are one of the most efficient and powerful light sources available.  They do however, have their drawbacks.  The characteristic yellow tint they impart makes colour perception and recognition near impossible to the human eye and working under them for any length of time can cause eye strain and other issues.  Put simply, everything has a yellow tinge!  When used in horticulture, this can make the evaluation of plant health difficult.  Leaf colour and condition is often a first sign of many plant problems.  These include nutrient deficiencies, growing medium or nutrient solution issues such as incorrect pH, leaf burning or scorching and many pest problems.  Early detection and correction is essential for superior results. Method Seven Glasses solve this issue.  Using proprietary lens technology these glasses block the harsh yellow light emitted from High Pressure Sodium lighting then the remaining portion of the light spectrum is re-adjusted in the lens to create white balanced light. This allows you to experience "Perfect Color" under HPS lighting - and work unconstrained in spite of that environment.

Over time, constant exposure to high levels of UV and infrared radiation leads to irreparable eye damage. Loss of color perception, cataracts, and the destruction of your night vision are also possible. Method Seven lenses block all harmful invisible wavelengths (UVA, UVB, UVC and Infrared) so not only will it be easier to work in your grow room under HPS lighting, but safer also.

Available in two versions:

The Rendition Series are made with mineral glass lenses.  The the lens glass is manufactured in Germany and then precision ground and polished in Italy then set in into Italian made frames in Italy.

Fission Series are made with polycarbonate lenses, set in Italian made frames and in Italy.

Method Seven Fission Series Operator Glasses
Method Seven Rendition Series Resistance Glasses