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Minigarden Basic

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Minigarden Basic

The easiest system to grow plants. Thanks to it's ingenious water and nutrients storage system, the Minigarden Basic makes growing small and large plants easy.  With its removable reservoir, the system ensures regular irrigation and nutrition according to the plants' individual needs.

The Minigarden Basic is available in three configurations; Basic S Pots, Basic M Pots, Basic Uno.

The Minigarden Basic S Pots Dimensions; 39.4x14.4x21.5cm, Pots Width 12-13cm, Reservoir Capacity 1.25lts

The Minigarden Basic M Pots Dimensions; 49x17.5x26cm, Pots Width 16-17cm, Reservoir Capacity 2.5lts

The Minigarden Basic Uno Dimensions; 39.4x14.4x21.5cm, Reservoir Capacity 1.25lts

Minigarden Basic S Pots
Minigarden Basic M Pots
Minigarden Basic S Uno

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