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Nanashi Evolutio X-Series High Output LED

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Nanashi Evolutio X-Series High Output LED

The Nanashi X-Series LED Grow Lights are Very High Output Full Spectrum LED with an impressive efficiency of 2.7 µmol/J per watt. Featuring a full spectum output, with colour rendition index of <90.  Suitable for complete plant growth cycles, from the vegetative stage to bloom stage. With dimming control, light levels can be altered to suit the individual plant light requiremments and different growth stages.

Available in 2 sizes (55x60cm and 106x115cm) with two wattages in each size (250W/350W and 500W/680)

 Features include:

  • Balanced Spectrum for Full Cycle Growing 
  • Low Energy use
  • Low Heat output
  • Passive cooling
  • Silent operation
  • Dimming Function

Very High Efficiency @2.7umol/W 

Very High Output of:

X-250 PPF of 620umol/s

X-350 PPF of 910umol/s

X-500 PPF of 1350umol/s

X-680 PPF of 1750umol/s


Suggested Growing Area/Coverage:

X-250  Approximately 80x80cm

X-350  Approximately 100x100cm

X-500  Approximately 120x120cm

X-680  Approximately 150x150cm


Nanashi Evolutio X-250W
Nanashi Evolutio X-350W
Nanashi Evolutio X-500W
Nanashi Evolutio X-680W