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Nanashi Propagator LED Bars

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Nanashi Propagator LED Bars

Nanashi LED Grow Light Bars are super high output and High efficiency grow lights, each equivelent to 2-3 T5 Fluorecents of similar length.

Ideal for propagation of cuttings and seeds and growing plants indoors

Each bar comes ready to use with its own switched cord and plug. Available in 3 sizes:

  • 12 Watt  (29.5cm)
  • 18 Watt (47.5cm)
  • 24 Watt (57.5cm)

Connect the bars with the optional End Connector to make longer units, or use the optional Daisy Chain cord to add multiple bars in parallel to produce brighter/stronger light output to suit your situation.

Nanashi LED Bars feature:

  • Built-in Driver
  • High Lumen output (110lm/W)
  • Long Life (50000+ Hours)
  • Full spectrum
  • Cool Operation

Optional light stands for 1 or 2 lights are available.



Nanashi Propagator 12W LED bar
Nanashi Propagator 18W LED bar
Nanashi Propagator 24W LED bar
Nanashi Propagator LED Bar 1 Lamp Stand
Nanashi Propagator LED Bar 2 Lamp Stand
Nanashi Propagator LED Bar DaisyChain Chord
Nanashi Propagator LED Bar Connector