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Nitro K

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Nitro K

Nitro-K is a formulation designed to replenish nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) supply in your nutrient solution during the growth stage. Research has shown that during vegetative growth stage high levels of N and K are extracted from the nutrient solution by the plants in just a few days. Adding Nitro-K to your nutrient tank during the plants growth cycle will ensure that you have a steady supply of N and K during this critical time. Nitro-K has been formulated with high levels of chelated Fe and chelated Mn and also includes other chelated minor trace elements important for plant metabolism. Nitro-K can also be used as a foliar spray only. Clones should be fed a dilute, complete nutrient, containing all nutrient elements. Nitro-K is by no means a substitute for regular dumping and flushing away of plant waste build up. (Nitro-K repalces the product formally known as NK Top-Up).

Nitro-K 500ml
Nitro-K 1L
Nitro-K 5L

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