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Root-It Propagation Sponges

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Root-It Propagation Sponges

Using an new organic based technology, Root-It propagation Sponges are a breakthrough in propagation technology.  Root-It Sponges use a mixture of peat and bark bonded together with plant-derived bio-degradable polymer.  This means that this natural product will bio-degrade after use and several months. Due to the unique engineered structure the propagation medium retains just the right amount of water and air (oxygen) resulting in explosive early root growth. Once rooted in your Root-It sponge, the plant can be used in any growing medium (soil, rockwool, expaned clay) or hydroponic system

Featuring a specially designed dual hole to take cutting and seed the Root-It Sponges can be used for both seeds and cuttings.  The first (top) hole is wider and is at the perfect depth for most seed, designed to a specific width to create an ideal humid micro climate around the seed assisting fast seed germination.  The second hole is narrower and deeper, which will hold the cutting firm while the first hole will hold the perfect amount of ROOT!T Rooting Gel to aid quick root development

Features of Root-It propagation sponges

  • ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge Benefits
  • Environmentally friendly & bio-degradable
  • Faster more vigorous rooting & reduced plant shock
  • Superior absorption of nutrients & easily maintains perfect water/air ratio
  • Improved water retention & reduces transplant losses
  • Insulates roots better against heat or lack of moisture
  • Contains micronutrients & beneficial microbes to aid germination
  • Unique pre-moulded hole for cuttings and seeds

Available in a Starter pack tray with 24 Root-it Sponges and a 50 sponge Refill pack.

Also available- 250ml Root-It Propagation Gel

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Root-It Starter Tray Pack
Root-It Refill 50 Sponge Pack

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