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Sea Essentials

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Sea Essentials


SEA ESSENTIALS is formulated using a unique blend of sea plants including kelp, seaweed and sea grass. Each has been chosen for its unique plant health promoting properties and micronutrient content. It also promotes flowering and fruit development. Sea plants are known for their high amino acid and natural stimulant content. The naturally occurring compounds also help to promote nutrient uptake and healthy roots in the rhizosphere while encouraging beneficial microbes. SEA ESSENTIALS is also low in sodium compared to other products derived from sea plants. It also contains organically bound trace elements as well iodine, which is beneficial to human health.

SEA ESSENTIALS can be used through all stages of plant growth and flower development. SEA ESSENTIALS is suitable for all ‘run to waste’ and ‘re-circulating’ systems.

Sea Essentials 500ml
Sea Essentials 1L
Sea Essentials 5L