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Spider COB Led Growlights

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Spider COB Led Growlights

From Grow Fresh LED, the Spider COB LED Growlights feature:

  • Patented Design fixture special cooling system.
  • Most powerful each 90w x 1 COB LED grow light in the current market.
  • Full spectra from 380-850nm & white for the best grow effect.
  • Single 90w LED with FULL Spectrum bands multi-chips for the best mixture of different spectra, most effective & powerful for optimal performance.
  • Convex lens make the average intensity of each spectrum per unit of area, mix the full spectra like sunshine (the part of 380-850nm) 
  • Spider series spread a fixed coverage with average intensity of each band. Coverage is the same with different quantity LEDs on.
  • Each 90w LED can be simply replaced with our unique soldering-free design.
  • Built-in fans, unique vents which prevent the water drop into the body.
  • Whole anti-rust casing with great heat sink. 
  • Unique design in cooling the LEDs, the Whole body is the heat sink system, you can touch the temperature of LEDs by touching the lens.
  • Acryl sheet with reflector surface, make sure all light in use, no waste.
  • LED, Drivers and fixture are designed and customized by ourselves, price is controlled, and everybody can afford it.
  • Hang kits included
  • 3 year full warranty

Spider 1 COB
Spider 2 COB
Spider 4 COB
Spider 6 COB
Spider 9 COB
Spider 16 COB