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Turbo Klone Aeroponic Propagator

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Turbo Klone Aeroponic Propagator

Finally available in Australia, the Australian version of TurboKlone is here!

With the Turbo Klone you can now create better, stronger cuttings in record time, using the latest in propagator designs incorporating aeroponic propagation techniques.

A design that eliminates all of the old propagation issues and is simple and economical  to run.

Features include:

  • Reusable polyethylene collars.  More durable and maintain their shape longer than traditional neoprene collars, but flexible enough not to choke or strangle you cuttings!
  • Replaceable Spray jets that deliver a full 360o spray pattern with larger water spout to minimise clogging and down time!
  • Integrated fan system provides a small constant stream of fresh air (OXYGEN) to the root zone and draws cooling air under the tank to eliminate excess heat build-up from operating the pump constantly.
  • Clear Dome to maintain humidity around the new cuttings and maximise light penetration.
  • Constructed from strong ABS Plastic.
  • Curved surfaces and round edges make cleaning and sterilisation easy.  No corners for bacteria, moulds and fungus to hide and survive in
  • Each cutting site has a finger recess that makes removing your Klone Collars without damaging your cuttings easy.
  • Available in 24, 48, 96 and 144 cutting models!

Each Turbo Klone System includes:

  • Reusable Clone Collars;
  • Humidity Dome;
  • Cooling Fan;
  • Pump and Spray Manifold;
  • Instruction Manual.


Model T24 - 24 Cuttings-430L x 340W x 410H
Model T48 - 48 Cuttings-580L x 450W x 370H
Model T96 -96 Cuttings- 780L x 540W x 440H
Model T144- 144 Cuttings-1140L x 540W x 440H

Turbo Klone T24
Turbo Klone T48
Turbo Klone T96
Turbo Klone T144

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