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Ultimate Plant Cage

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Ultimate Plant Cage

The Ultimate Plant Cage is a fully-adjustable plant support system. Using a unique patented design it allows you to open up your plant and allow light to penetrate the plants entire structure, with the ultimate purpose of increasing your plant’s production and health. A well supported plant not only gives it the greatest exposure to incoming light, but it also allows for better airflow in the middle of the plant helping to prevent plant disease. Using the Ulimate Plant Cage support system means that plant and pot can be moved and rotated as one complete unit without damaging the plant. 

The cage is formed around a stable, durable and 100% recyclable plastic base and six adjustable support poles that directs your plant’s growth but does not stunt it. The poles extend up to 90cm – giving your plants plenty of room to grow. 

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • First-ever Fully Adjustable Plant Cage
  • Opens up your plants and allows light to penetrate from the fruit to the root of your plant
  • Branches and Fruit are secured in the UPC – no more falling down
  • The UPC is the Ultimate Garden Organizing Tool – no more nasty, chaotic, and embarrassing gardens for you
  • The UPC makes it simple to turn or alternate potted plants WITHOUT damaging them

Ultimate Plant Cage