7 Reasons to Grow Hydroponically

Why you should consider growing hydroponically

Hydroponics, is the process of growing plants without soil and can be used for growing any plant.  In hydroponics the root systems of the plants are provided with water and all the nutrients that are required for optimal growth.  In most hydroponic systems, the growing medium provides no nutrition but only provides the root systems with a means of support.  It is however, even possible to grow plants in nothing but the nutrient solution without any form of medium at all.

So why use Hydroponics?

  1. High Yield - the yield per plant can be two to three time greater than that of conventionally grown plants.

  2. Less Work - Some hydroponic systems eliminate the manual labour required for conventionally grown plants. No digging, ploughing or mechanical cultivation, no manual watering, weed control, fertilising or soil conditioning required.

  3. Greater choice of growing locations - locations that are not available for conventional growing can be used for hydroponics, such as; poor soil areas, on rooftops and balconies, indoors, soil contaminated ares, walls and small spaces.

  4. Controlled Growing Conditions - which produce faster growth, better flavour, healthier plants that are less prone to disease or insect attack.

  5. Water Efficiency - Use far less water. 

  6. Convenient Growing - Particularly for elderly or disabled. Some hydroponic systems (like the autopot) can be placed on a table or bench to allow easy access without bending or to allow convenient wheel chair access.

  7. Clean & hygienic - No manures or composts.