Aquamiser Propagation and Seed Raising Kit


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Aquamiser Propagation and Seed Raising Kit

The Aquamiser Propagation and Seed Raising Kit is a unique home propagating kit. The AQUAMISER allows you to propagate up to eight different cuttings using the fully automatic self-watering tray and all you need is any type of plastic bottle or container that can be used as a source of water supply for the tray.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Injection Propagation tray,
  • 1 x Aquamiser Automatic watering valve,
  • 1m of 4mm Poly tube,
  • 16 x 130mm pots,
  • 16 x Humidifying covers,
  • 8 x Clip-on saucers,
  • 8 x 10cm Tray sponges
  • 16 x Styrene name tags
 Download Aqaumiser Directions For Use

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