Autopot Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B

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Size: 1 kg (500 g A & 500 g B)
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Autopot Powdered Nutrient A & B

Autopot nutrients have been specially formulated as a general purpose nutrient to use with the Autopot systems. The nutrient has been manufactured to be used during both the vegetative and flowering stages. Identical to the liquid formulation, except that they are in powder forms. All that is required is to dissolve them in warm water making your own nutrient concentrate. Substantial savings can be made by purchasing this nutrient in powder form and making your own concentrates. This makes Autopot Powdered Nutrient A & B a versatile and cost-effective option for gardeners of all levels. It can be used throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant, making it an ideal choice for long-term growth.

Pack Size
Concentrate Made
Nutrient Solution (@5 ml/litre)
1 kg (500 g A & 500 g B)
2.5 L each of A & B
500 L
2 kg (1 kg A & 1 kg B) 5 L each of A & B 1000 L
10 kg (5 kg A & 5 kg B) 25 L each of A & B 5000 L

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