Autopot Smart Pot, Self Watering Hydroponic Pot


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Autopot Smart Pot, Self Watering Hydroponic Pot

The Smart Pot is a Twin-Walled, self-watering pot.  No over or under watering, the watering and feeding is automatic and it works perfectly by gravity without electricity or battery. The secret to the Smart Pot is the built-in Smart Valve which knows exactly how to water your plants correctly, never too much water or too little. It works by letting in 30mm of water into the well when it is empty, then the water is absorbed through the entire volume of potting mix in the insert pot by capillary action. The overall size of the Smart Pot is 22 cm high and 20cm in diameter with internal pot being 15cm in diameter and a reservoir volume of 3 litres, which can last up to 1-2 mths before it needs to be re-filled (varies according to plant and season).

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