Autopot Smart Valve Box for DYI Automation Systems

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Autopot Smart Valve Box for DYI Automation Systems

The Smart-valve box is an enclosure designed to house the Smart-valve, enabling you to adjust the water level in any tray according to your specific setup needs. This innovation allows for the implementation of a wet-dry cycle across various tray and pot arrangements to your preference.

The Smart-valve box includes several features to improve its performance and longevity. These include an encasement that prevents debris from clogging the valve and a root control mesh to prevent root intrusion. To install, simply place the box in its desired location, secure with a weight on top, and let the Smart-valve efficiently deliver plant-based feeding and watering.

* Compatible with Mk2 (black) and Mk3i (grey) Smart-valves only. Not compatible with Mk3 (green) Smart-valves


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