Autopot Smart Valves

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Autopot Smart Valves

The Autopot Smart-valve is a key component of the AutoPot Systems, controlling water levels for optimal plant hydration. After years of refinement, this unit boasts adjustable features for reliable performance. Give your plants the perfect wet-dry cycle with this industry expert-approved valve.

The Smart-valve differs from traditional ball cock float valves by allowing a complete reduction in fluid level before refilling. It connects to a water supply, which can be from pressure-reduced mains, a pressure pump, or a gravity tank. Upon connection, the Smart-valve opens to let water fill the base of the growing container to a predetermined depth of approximately 35mm. After this, the valve closes, preventing more water from entering until the plant has absorbed the initial amount through capillary action in the medium. Once the water under the Smart-valve is fully absorbed, it reopens, allowing a new batch of water to enter, thus creating a cycle of wet and dry periods based on the plant's consumption rate.


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