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Bluelab Meter and Probe Care Kits

The probe's cleanliness directly impacts the instrument's accuracy. Accurate readings facilitate effective crop management, leading to optimal growth. Cleaning the probe and keeping it appropriately stored enables readings of greatest precision and extends the probe's life.
The probe surface is where the instrument takes the reading of the solution or soil/media. If the probe face is dirty or contaminated, the readings may be inaccurate. Much like the windshield of a car, if it’s dirty you can’t see out! If the probe face is dirty, it cannot read the solution accurately.
A tip… if the conductivity reads low, the probe needs cleaning. pH probes specifically, should be kept wet at all times for optimal performance and life.

Regular maintenance of pH and conductivity probes ensures efficiency and longevity. Bluelab Probe Care Kits offer comprehensive solutions for testing, calibrating, and cleaning your probes while on-the-move. Choose from three different kits: for pH, for conductivity, or for both.

 Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

Calibration of the pH probe is necessary and can be accomplished with ease. The same procedure applies to all Bluelab pH-related products. Once the probe has been cleansed, calibration can commence using pH calibration solutions at two reference points, 4.0 and 7.0 pH. It is further recommended to rehydrate and maintain the pH probe with Bluelab KCl Storage Solution.

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