CANNA Classic Vega A & Dutch Hydroponic Grow Nutrient Concentrate

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Size: A & B ( 2x 5 Litre ) Set
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CANNA Classic Vega A & B

CANNA Classic Vega is a comprehensive, professional nutrient created for plants during their growth phase. Specifically formulated for inert, run-to-waste systems, it provides the essential basis necessary for a plant to generate its expected harvest..

Advantages of CANNA Classic Vega

  • CANNA Classic Vega encourages vigorous growth, ideal for abundant side shoot and root development.
  • Classic Vega can be used with all inorganic growing mediums.
  • Nutrients and water are readily available from the beginning of cultivation due to the presence of absorbable nitrogen compounds, high-grade EDDHA iron chelate, and trace elements.

Why A&B nutrients?

Both CANNA Classic nutrients (CANNA Classic Vega for the growing phase CANNA Classic Flores for the blooming phase) consist of two parts, or components, labelled A and B. In this formulation, there is an important reason for keeping these two parts separate. When combined, certain elements within the A and B parts can bind together, creating clumps which the plant cannot absorb. For this reason, it is important to add the A component before the B component.

 Download CANNA Classic A & B Feeding Guide

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