CANNA Classic Flores A & B Dutch Hydroponic Bloom Nutrient Concentrate

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CANNA Classic Flores A & B Dutch Hydroponic Bloom Nutrient Concentrate

CANNA Classic Flores is a comprehensive fertilizer specifically designed for plants in their flowering phase. Expertly formulated to be used in soil-free, run-to-waste hydroponic systems.

Advantages of CANNA Classic Flores

  • Classic Flores delivers an ideal balance of nutrients, essential for blooming, that is directly available to the plant.
  • Classic Flores addresses the reduction of nitrogen requirements while simultaneously accounting for augmented need for potassium and phosphates.
  • Classic Flores' special formulation is enriched with chelated trace elements in a form that can be easily absorbed. This translates into impressive blooms.

Both CANNA Classic nutrients (CANNA Classic Vega for the growing phase CANNA Classic Flores for the blooming phase) consist of two parts, or components, labelled A and B. In this formulation, there is an important reason for keeping these two parts separate. When combined, certain elements within the A and B parts can bind together, creating clumps which the plant cannot absorb. For this reason, it is important to add the A component before the B component.

 Download CANNA Classic A & B Feeding Guide

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