CANNA COCO A & B Dutch Hydroponic Nutrient Concentrate For Coco Medium

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CANNA COCO A & B Dutch Hydroponic Nutrient Concentrate For Coco Medium


CANNA COCO A & B is an advanced hydroponic nutrient blend designed specifically for plants grown in coco medium. It contains an optimal combination of the essential nutrients necessary for healthy growth and flowering.

Given the unique properties of coco substrates, this nutrient does not have a separate Vega and Flores variant, but is formulated for both stages of your plant’s lifecycle. CANNA COCO is simple to use, dissolving quickly, and suitable for use in any watering system, including run-to-waste, flood, and ebb and flow.


Rich in high-value elements.

CANNA COCO is the result of years of research into potting mixes, drainage, and leaf analysis. Developed to meet the unique characteristics of cocos substrates, it contains high value minerals and natural chelates to enhance nutrient absorption. The explosive growth and profuse flowering of CANNA COCO has delighted growers around the world for years.

Why A&B nutrients?

CANNA COCO nutrients are composed of two parts, or components, labelled A and B. In this formulation, there is an important reason for keeping these two parts separate. When combined, certain elements within the A and B parts can bind together, creating clumps which the plant cannot absorb. For this reason, it is important to add the A component before the B component.

 Download CANNA COCO A & B Feeding Guide

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