Canna Coco Professional, Hydroponic Growing Medium, 50 Litre Bag

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Canna Coco Professional, Hydroponic Growing Medium, 50 Litre Bag

As a natural, organic, and lightly buffered growing medium, CANNA Coco Professional offers superior advantages over other substrates. With a perfect water/air system, it provides ideal conditions for cultivation, making it a preferred choice for hydroponic gardening. Plus, it can be used multiple times, making it a cost-effective option.

Boost your hydroponic growing with CANNA Coco Professional! Our premium quality growing medium meets strict horticultural standards, with a 73%/23% water to air ratio and 45% cellulose for long-lasting physical characteristics. Coco flakes are rinsed and buffered for optimal cultivation conditions and rapid plant development.

User Instructions

Opt for pots with a minimum capacity of 5 litres; larger pots will ensure a more stable environment for the roots. Utilizing CANNA Coco Professional substrate alongside the specially formulated fertilizers from CANNA's COCO line guarantees an investment in both quality and reliability.

  • The plastic packaging is fully recyclable.
  • CANNA Coco Professional is a completely natural product derived from coconuts.
  • Contents 50 L


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