CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cube Hydroponic Growing Medium

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CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cube Hydroponic Growing Medium

The CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cube is a premium, pre-washed and balanced substrate renowned for its quality in a compressed format.

The cube boasts an optimized hole pattern for exceptional expansion speed. The cube comes in a specially designed pouch that encourages wetting or soaking.


The compact size and light weight make this an ideal choice for convenient shipping and transport of CANNA Coco Professional Plus!=

One CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cube yields 20 litres of coco medium; alternatively, it can be easily divided into two 10-liter portions along the fracture line.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cubes are bundled 2 per box, each box containing 20 liters. Collectively, the two boxes yield 40 liters of CANNA COCO medium.

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