Canna Terra Professional, Potting Mix, 50 Litre Bag


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Canna Terra Professional, Potting Mix, 50 Litre Bag

CANNA Terra Professional is an ideal potting mix for cultivating plants, enriched with an optimized nitrogen content. This professionally-formulated mix exceeds the quality standards of typical garden center products, crafted from upgraded black peat, granular peat moss and perlite. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growth, CANNA Terra Professional is the optimal choice for your plant's needs.

    Advantages of CANNA Terra Professional

    Exclusive organic ingredients like airy peat moss free from disease result in exceptional root development and thicker stems, increasing yields and speeding metabolism, leading to reduced sickness and enhanced production. All of these characteristics make CANNA Terra Professional an ideal choice for cultivating plants.


    Directions of Use

    Gently fluff CANNA Terra Professional and fill the pots, slightly compacting the medium. Add sufficient water to initiate drainage then embed the plant in the CANNA Terra Professional.


    Depending on the pot size, environmental conditions, and growth stage, adjust the water given to the plants accordingly. Each m2 of soil can dissipate 4-6 litres of water per day in typical circumstances.


    For larger plants, opt for 5 litre pots or larger. This will provide plants with a more constant root environment. When using run-to-waste, ensure there is adequate drainage; incorporating a thin layer of hydro-granules at the bottom of the pot for air and drainage is recommended.

    Achieving homogeneity of composition, CANNA Terra Professional is a natural and safe product free from hazardous viruses and ailments. Its intricate water/air dynamics create conditions optimal to virtually any form of cultivation. Used, it makes an ideal additive for potting mix.

    CANNA Terra Professional's plastic packaging material is 100% recyclable.

    • Store in a cool dry place
    • Do not expose to temperatures below 4°C
    • Bag contents 50L

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