CANNABOOST Accelerator Dutch Bloom Enhancer

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CANNABOOST Accelerator Dutch Bloom Enhancer

CANNABOOST Accelerator increases the metabolic rate of your plants, which is essential for optimal nutrient absorption. Tailored towards fast flowering plants, CANNABOOST is the ideal supplement for short cycle varieties.


CANNABOOST catalyzes the emergence of new flowers, prompting fruits to become heavier than usual. Ripening also proceeds at a steadier rate, leading to a more consistent harvest. Not only does CANNABOOST ensure higher yields, but it also enhances flavour-a desirable bonus for any grower.


CANNABOOST features flowering boosters that ensure accelerated fruiting, plus natural flowering facilitators that support even maturity and improved vigor at harvest. Furthermore, improved energy management gives the plant extra strength to resist stressors.


With CANNABOOST, you can expect noticeable enhancements to both yield and taste. Photosynthesis is accelerated, resulting in higher sugar production in fruits, resulting in a sweeter taste and greater concentrations of natural fruit flavours. The harvests will also be characterized by a more pungent aroma.

Suitable for every medium and every growing system

CANNABOOST is a versatile flowering enhancer compatible with any growing system, soil type, or nutrient regimen. Both root-zone application and foliar feeding of CANNABOOST is possible, the latter allowing for direct absorption by the plant through its leaves.

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