Clonex Clone Solution Nutrient Concentrate For Cuttings and Seedlings

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Clonex Clone Solution Nutrient Concentrate For Cuttings and Seedlings

Clonex Clone Solution (CCS) is a singular nutrient containing essential minerals, vitamins, wetting agents, and root promoters to promote rapid root growth. When combined with a rooting gel, CCS helps plants grow more quickly and vigorously.
Clonex Clone Solution features an advanced formula which can be used to feed your cuttings and seedlings both through the roots and as a foliar spray. This method helps reduce the amount of stress on the cuttings, accelerating root growth and leading to stronger, healthier plants.

What is it exactly?

Clonex Clone Solution is a single-pack hydroponic nutrient concentrate containing an enhanced rooting hormone.

What is it used for then?


CCS accelerates the development of root mass and improves absorption of essential nutrients by supplying cuttings with a comprehensive and balanced mineral fertilizer. As a result, plants become healthier and more vigorous.

How does it work?

CCS is a complete and balanced mineral profile acts as a fertilizer for plant cuttings while the rooting hormone ensures rapid root growth to quickly and efficiently establish the plant.

When should you use CCS.

CCS should be employed beginning at the point of initial root development on the cutting and throughout until the moment it is ready for transplanting.

What dose rate should I use?

Start by diluting CCS at 5ml per litre of water. The strength should be increased to a maximum dilution rate of 10ml per litre as the cutting becomes more established.

How do I use CCS?

At its core, CCS can be added to a watering can and used to water cuttings. Alternatively, it can be used in irrigation systems like flood and drain systems or sprinklers and misters. For each cutting container, use enough diluted CCS to reach run-off.

Any precautions?


CCS is not considered hazardous, though prudent safety protocols should be observed when handling all chemicals.

What should I expect if I use this product?

Cuttings treated with Clonex Clone Solution Nutrient Concentrate will develop faster and be more robust than untreated cuttings. The included rooting hormone accelerates root development while the mineral nutrients promote health and growth.

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