FloraFlex Circulator 3"


Title: 3" Circulator Watering Ring
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FlFloraFlex Circulator 3"

The Circulator is the final key to our Matrix irrigation system! Simply plug 4mm FloraFlex Poly into the ports on the disk and assemble with your Matrix system. This clever design allows for water to evenly disperse from the inside to the outer edges of the pot, providing pure consistency with every single feed! Matrix Circulators disassemble into two simply parts for incredibly easy cleaning and routine maintenance. FloraFlex designs come from years of experience and each Circulator has been built with large outlet holes to reduce blockage.

The FloraFlex Matrix system is revolutionising efficient cultivation, see the benefits in your next crop!

The FloraFlex® Matrix is part of the Matrix System, a patent pending first of its kind Top Feeding Wicking System that provides the most even way to deliver water and nutrients to your plants. It can be used with pots ranging from 10.5”-18” Diameters. You will need a Matrix unit, the same size Matrix Pad, and the correlating Matrix Circulator.

Water and nutrients travel into the Circulator, hit the slope of the Matrix and are pushed outward into eight maze sections that have individual holes dripping the water and nutrients onto the Matrix Wicking Pad.

The Matrix Pad is a lightweight Non-Woven Capillary Mat placed between the Matrix and the medium. Traditionally capillary pads are placed underneath plants, however FloraFlex has designed the Matrix Pad to absorb water and wick to the top of the medium, delivering water and nutrients evenly.

Choose your Matrix Pad by your pot’s diameter:


Place the Matrix Pad on the surface of your plant, the Matrix Unit on top of it, press down, press the Circulator into the center holes, and connect your 1/4” OD tubing to the Circulator. Now let your plants enjoy the benefits of a Top Feeding Wicking System.

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