Floraflex Flood & Drip Shield w/Quick Drippers 9-12"

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Floraflex Flood & Drip Shield w/Quick Drippers 9-12"


Designed for both home and commercial cultivation, the renowned Floraflex Round shields are ideal for any pot with a diameter of 9"-12". This innovative system can be used with other interchangeable products like the Gravity Drippers, Quicker Drippers, and Eliminators to create the World's Slowest Drip System.

This product shields the media to prevent algae and pesticide growth. It can hold up to 48 oz (1400 ml) of water and nutrients, and can easily transform from top feed to top-feeding drip system with the Barbed Insert. There are 18 louvers on the raised lip for air and access to the Barbed Inserts. The built-in overflow directs excess water and nutrients straight to the rootball. It also has six slots for stake insertion to stabilize plants. With snap and pop technology, this product is stackable, reusable, and made from BPA and lead-free rubber.

Includes the Quicker Drippers for each shield.

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